[EN] 05. IRRI Agronomy Challenge: Seedling Establishment--What Has Emerged



Leigh Vial, head of the experiment station at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI; http://irri.org, discusses seedling establishment that was broadcast seeded a week earlier in a 25 x 100-meter field on IRRI's research farm. What has emerged and what to do about some of the bare spots.

The areas that birds have eaten, and the low-lying areas that were underwater too long, are both in need of some help. Our last resort is to transplant a few seedlings from the thick areas to the bare areas, but I am too lazy for that, so I seeded these areas again before it is too late. Being within a week, these younger seedlings should still be able to be protected and fertilized along with the rest of the field. The low-lying areas are still muddy, so hopefully they will take, but I doubt the bird-eaten areas will progress -- too dry now. We will need rain to make this work, and all of a sudden the atmosphere has dried-up and a wind set in.


International Rice Research Institute


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[EN] IRRI Agronomy Challenge: The Documentary

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12 years, 6 months ago