[EN] 2. Critical Growth Stages: Tales of Ryza -- The ABCs of proper nutrition for rice plants



Who would know better about proper nutrition for rice than the rice plant itself? Meet Ryza, the talking rice plant! She'll tell you that proper nutrition is all about applying the right nutrients in the right amount at the right time.

Follow the tales of Ryza and discover that proper nutrition for healthy rice plants is as easy as learning ABC.

This video presents the B of the ABC of proper nutrition -- Become familiar with the critical growth stages of the rice plant. You will obtain information on:

• the growth stages of rice at which addition of nutrients is critical and
• ways to feed the young rice plants.

For more information on nutrient management for rice, go to http://www.irri.org/ssnm

For information on internet and mobile-phone based applications for providing farmers with nutrient management guidelines for their rice fields, go to http://www.irri.org/nmrice and also view http://youtu.be/3GbguNguk-8

For a general overview of proper nutrition for a healthy rice plant in the "Tales of Ryza the Rice Plant" series, go to: http://youtu.be/tkVNnZcF07o

Partial script from video: A key to understanding proper nutrition for rice is to know when to feed your rice plants with the right nutrients. Different nutrients are needed at different times and amounts to ensure healthy rice plants.

Rice plants are a lot like people. Rice plants also go through several stages of growth  from a seed to a young plant, then all the way to a mature rice crop. The need of rice plants for nutrients varies at each growth stage. And, the amount of additional nutrients from fertilizers should match the needs of rice plants at each stage.

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[EN] Tales of Ryza -- The ABCs of proper nutrition for rice plants

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